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The Mental Side of the Game

A little note about the mental side of the game........

Mental toughness in baseball starts with your ability to handle failure. You can't be good in this game without the ability to quickly bounce back from errors, miscues, lousy calls and strikeouts. If you have trouble letting go of your failures and tend to carry them around with you, then chances are good that you'll consistently play way below your potential. How about pressure? Do you know how to stay cool in the clutch? Can you effectively manage the stress of big game competition? Without the ability to relax you can't play good ball. Don't forget your concentration skills. The cornerstone of peak athletic performance on the ball field is your ability to focus on what's important and block out everything else. What kind of focusing skills do you have? Can you block out the razzing crowd, your rowdy opponents and the scouts in the stands? Let's not forget self-confidence and that all important belief in yourself. Mental toughness is also made up of your ability to effectively prepare for upcoming games. Do you know the best way to program in success ahead of time? Too many baseball players mistakenly set themselves up for failure during the days and hours leading up to a big game. How about your ability to handle self-doubts and negative self-talk? Are you your own worst fan out there?

Prepare before each game to succeed with intense focus and an exceedingly high work rate at practice. When you arrive at the ballpark on game day, compete with an assassins will to achieve and success is sure to follow. Keep Grinding! Keep Shoving! We are proud of you!

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