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I have been bringing my son Tyler to PPA since he was 11 and is now turning 15. He has participated in the SPEAR training as wells individual lessons throughout those years. The trainers including Tim have been invaluable to my son's development not only as a baseball player but as a student and young adult. He learned lessons on why it takes hard work, consistency and commitment on a continual basis to achieve high level results. This knowledge will serve him well beyond just playing a sport. I highly recommend PPA to any athlete looking to take thier ability to the next level.

~Kevin Steeland


Success in anything requires drive and that drive is fueled with passion.

Our son, Kaden, always had a love for the game of baseball. In a very competitive baseball town, we all knew he would have to work hard, improve each year, and make every opportunity count. As a baseball coach myself in Mount Pleasant, I knew as Kaden entered his early teens, there was a need for an outside, and more experienced voice to take over in his coaching.


I met Coach Gansrow on a baseball field (of course), got to know him, and witnessed his coaching style and great passion for coaching. His approach is positive and encouraging. He is detailed and thorough. The mood is often light, but disciplined and focused. Tim has brought a staff together at PPA that shares his vision and execution of that vision.


Fitness is a key component to an athlete's success and our son has definitely benefitted from the training made available along with the PPA baseball program. On the baseball field, Kaden has benefitted tremendously from his involvement in the PPA travel team program, the excellent coaching, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.


Kaden rose from the ranks of a MPRD Rec baseball player to playing 5 years of Baseball at Wando High School. He was part of the 2015 State Championship team. In 2016 Kaden earned the opportunity to play college baseball, and commited to South Georgia State College. in 2017, he had had a successful first year at SGSC and looks forward to his future in baseball.


Every level of baseball requires an amplified love and passion for the game. We thank and credit Coach Tim and the PPA staff for helping Kaden on his journey...physically, mentally, and in further encouraging his passion and love for the game of baseball!


Bob and Lisa Hack

Parents of Kaden Hack


 Scott has helped transform my son Andrew. He has increased his ability to explode and become a better athlete. The training is taking him to a higher level. I highly recommend the training to maximize an athletes potential.



My son has been going to Pro Performance since it opened.  In that time I've watched his strength, skill and baseball I.Q. develop, well beyond what I could have taught him.  Tim, and the coaches at PPA, have helped him become a better pitcher, first baseman, outfielder, and batter.  During his time with PPA he has gone from rec ball to: Cal Ripken All Stars State Champs and 2 years on the Cario Middle School team.  The coaches there are both friends and role models.  You couldn't find a better baseball and life coach than Tim.  

Pete Nastro


I was JUST thinking I needed to bring my son in for once a week batting/throwing baseball practice!!! I don't know if you remember my son, he has autism and is reeeeally shy and "underexperienced" sportswise compared to his peers. I can't express to you the confidence you guys gave him last year filling in some of the gaps while he played baseball for the first time.  If you have availability, I'd love for him to have one on one help for several weeks.


"Scott Greenman and his staff at Pro Performance have given me wonderful workouts, helping me to run a 5 K, and win 3 gold medals at the National Special Olympic meet in 2014. I also have wonderful friendships with he and his staff."

Tate Mikell


"My son, Jackson, had a great time at the baseball clinic this afternoon, and he would like to enroll in the Half Day President's Day Camp. Today really was such a positive experience, and we are happy to find a reason to come back! " 

Thank you,



Just a quick "Thank you!"

Van had a great time at the camp.  My husband, Dave, said it was a very organized and well run camp.  We look forward to Van having some fun and building his confidence today at his lesson!

Thanks again



“My son has been training for baseball at Pro Performance for over a year now. To get that extra training really makes a huge difference. Tim and the staff have been amazing and treat us like gold. The camps they offer are packed full of fun activities and games, which my son loves! Since my son started to train at Pro Performance he was 1st pick of his team for the All Stars and in his second season his team came in first place in the fall. These guys really go the extra mile for the kids. We are grateful!”

The Moore’s


“Our son has been working out with Tim through both the Academy and the Training classes for the past year and we have seen tremendous improvement in his skills as well as growth in his character.  He is a baseball catcher on a travel team and we are constantly approached by the umpires and coaches from other teams who want to tell us that our sons skills and attitude well exceed his age.  Statistics don’t lie and Tim has improved his batting average from .200 to .409.  His POP time has improved from 3.7 to 2.3.  We owe this to Tim and his training crew for the professional instruction they give to our son as well as to the mentoring they provide.  Our son looks forward to all of his workouts at Pro Performance and has developed a good friendship with Tim and his staff.  As parents, we could not be happier and feel this is worth the investment!  Thank you Tim and Pro Performance Athletics for all that you do and continue to do!”

Randy & Ginny
Mt Pleasant


“When we came to the clinic for Mt Pleasant I really was skeptical about what to expect. We had been to a baseball training facility a few years ago with my eldest son and it seemed to be amateur. But after attending the clinic and hearing what my son had to say, quite frankly he was happier than Christmas day! Your trainers really connected with my son and he is so excited about baseball both me and my wife are thrilled. Thank you for what you did!”

Mt Pleasant


"My son is a high school baseball player and words cannot describe what Tim and his staff has done for him both as a player and a young man. He has been training at PPA the entire time it has been in existence and the training and attention he receives from the staff at PPA is unsurpassed. The conditioning component, along with the one-on-one instruction the he receives has paved the way for him to be more competitive and, more importantly, has planted the seed for good, lifelong training habits – HE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS STUFF!! It’s very evident that his skill set has greatly improved as well as his confidence. Thanks Tim!!”

George K.


“My daughter has been training regularly with Tim for the last 9 months.  Her softball hitting and position training as a catcher has improved greatly during this time.  The fitness and agility classes help her play injury free at the highest level of softball available in the southeast.  I felt guilty watching the adult class while waiting for my daughter so I signed up and for the past 6 months I have lost over 10 pounds and can do the sort of exercises I have not done since college.”

Michael B.


“I don’t believe in testimonials. They don’t typically paint the entire picture and tend to slant toward cliched phrases and overly abundant praise, deserved or not, which in totality rend them all meaningless. I say this in the hopes that you will treat my thoughts to follow as genuine and sincere. I can personally attest for the character and expertise of the coaches and owners at Pro Performance Athletics. My son, Will Culler, has trained with PPA coaches for a few years now. What he likes best is the 1 on 1’s where the coach can learn his tendencies, and work toward improving those specific areas. We have worked with many different coaches at PPA, and they all embrace the same ideals – positive attitude, hard work wins, pay attention to details – and they all treat my son like the most important person in the room. What I like best is how easy they are to communicate with. Like most things in life, there will be setbacks and bumps in the road, and it is not if you have them but how you respond to them. When those things happen, I appreciate the receptiveness of the coaches to our opinions and their willingness to tailor the instructional sessions to my boy’s needs. You are in good hands with the folks at Pro Performance.”

Jamie Culler

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